When it comes to speculation in art in general and design in particular, there is one sketch that is repeatedly used as an illustration. The illustration is called Futures Cone and has been circulating for decades in different variations among futurists, foresight experts, artists and designers. It always consists of differently colored cones whose nested funnels open into the future. The various adaptations and the context in which they were created refer to different aims of speculation and different ideas of the present and the future.

Fußnoten zur Zukunft is an experimental essay exhibition that associatively traces the stories associated with the history of the Futures Cone, reads them as artifacts and makes them accessible in a sensory and physical directory of sources. It is based on the text "Die Ambiguität der Spekulation. Futures Cone-Skizzen und ihre Kontexte" from the publication Specology. Zu einer ästhetischen Forschung, published by Hamburg-based Adocs-Verlag in 2023. This text is made accessible via a flyer that can be unfolded into both a poster and a mini-publication.

Frappant Galerie, Hamburg 

Exhibition: studio lose (Frieder Bohaumilitzky · Ina Römling · Torben Körschkes) 
Text: Frieder Bohaumilitzky
Flyer: HEFT Kollektiv (Ina Römling · Torben Körschkes) 
Photos: Maik Gräf

Funded by the Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, ministry of culture and media.