War for Talents criticizes the German Bundeswehr’s attempt of creating a new corporate image by replacing their living-room furniture. As a term, taken from the world of consulting, War for Talents describes the fight for qualified staff between different companies. Ever since the abolition of compulsory military service in Germany, the German Bundeswehr has found itself in the middle of a similar struggle for ‘young talent’. A workshop of soldiers, defence officials and consultants provided the initial ideas. The objects, which include symbolic displays of Bundeswehr equipment, expose the contradiction between aesthetically pleasing design and the sobering, hierarchical experience of military life.

HFBK-Designpreis der Leinemann-Stiftung für Bildung und Kunst 2014. 

Pinkdot Design Award in the context of the exhibition Dingverhältnis, Salone del Mobile 2015, Milan. 

Photos: Edward Greiner