Criticism can be practiced - according to the thesis of the exhibition Übungsraum für Kritik. The training course consists of 9 stations, where one can practise – among other things – critical self-reflection, discursive strife or utopian thinking. The exhibition has been accompanied by an exercise book in which critical trainers such as Harald Welzer, Kevin Kühnert or Armin Nassehi assist the experienced critics and those, who still want to become critics, with tips and tricks. The initiative ideas are the result of a seminar of the AG Gesellschaftsdesign at the HFBK Hamburg in cooperation with the Kursbuch.
Kampnagel Hamburg · Great Transformation Festival, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena · Globart Academy, Essl-Museum Klosterneuburg · Museum für Kommunikation, Berlin

Curator: Friedrich von Borries · Jakob Schrenk 
Exhibition design: Frieder Bohaumilitzky 
Exhibition graphic design: Anne Stiefel 
Photos: Edward Greiner