What would a life look like that – in the ecological, but also in the virological sense – remains as inconsequential as possible? Could a lack of consequences become a new regulative ideal, such as freedom, justice and equality, unattainable but still desirable? What would be the effects of such a striving on the material and immaterial organization of our everyday life, on the economic and social order, on our faith and the way we treat each other? And what models can be found for such a life in the present and in history? These are the questions posed by the Schule der Folgenlosigkeit, an artistic-discursive project by Friedrich von Borries.
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MK&G)

Idea and concept: Friedrich von Borries 
Curatorial assistance: Frieder Bohaumilitzky · Jens-Uwe Fischer 
Exhibition design: Friedrich von Borries · Frieder Bohaumilitzky 
Exhibition graphic design: Ingo Offermanns 
Photos: Max Schwarzmann