Objects for Voters is a redesign of the required voting items for the elections of the federal German parliament. Political communication has changed. Through the paradigm shift from literary culture to visual culture, attention has become the central feature of political power. The aesthetic political images, designed by political consultants and communicated in media, use strong emotional associations and dominate the political discourse with it. In this realm of aesthetics, perception is not generally directed at the affective-neutral, objective knowledge of circumstances, but in the form of acts which emotionally touch and put someone in a mood. Today, electoral decisions are often made on the basis of these moods, but in contrast to the political communication the procedure of voting itself is still remarkably undesigned. The project asks about the future consequences of the changing political communication. The ballot box, the polling booth and the table for the election supervisor were redesigned in exchange with the executing electoral office, who provided the judicial and technical requirements.
Photos: Edward Greiner 
Cooperation: Landeswahlamt Hamburg 

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